BAKDIL organized Free Medical Health Camp at Asimgre Village in collaboration with Dadenggre CHC. This health camp was organized under the project GRAM SEVA funded by SBI Foundation Mumbai.

This is one of the many interventions under the GRAM SEVA project that will be implemented in five adopted villages. Such health camps will also be organised in other four villages in coming days.

Dr. Angel Dimpi Marak, Medical Officer, Dadenggre CHC conducted the health check-up and advised the village folks to make use of the available health assistance from Dadenggre CHC.

Shri. Nipon Hajong, MCS, BDO Dadenggre C & RD Block, Shri Jagdish Chelani, IAS SDO Dadenggre, Shri Suraj Bhagat, Project Manager, GRAM SEVA, Miss Priyana Momin, Livelihood Officer GRAM SEVA,  were also present in the programme.

Speaking to the people on health issues Dr. Dimpi said that we never put our health as utmost priority. We seek medical advice only when the sickness couldn’t be cured by local medicine but it would be too late at that time and for children we cannot diagnose the sickness just by seeing or touching the baby as the baby cannot speak what pain he must be suffering from.

She also expressed her regrets saying that the medical officers also feel sad at times when they could not save the person’s life. She also informed that the government is focussing to reduce the maternal and infant death in the state by adopting many programmes like PMSMA for ANC care and JSSK free transportation for ANC and PNC mothers. She urges the village folks to take the infant immunisation on time saying that the children immunization is given to prevent the baby from diseases that cannot be cured.

Shri Nipon Hajong BDO, Dadenggre C & RD Block appreciates the GRAM SEVA project for clubbing the VHND health programme with Dadenggre CHC.

He informs the people that the GRAM SEVA project is going to bring qualitative changes in the life of many people. He extends his support by saying that from Block office and SD office they will give full support to make the programme succesfull.

BDO Shri Nipon also motivates the people to take utmost care of their health and to get medical examined even for minor sickness.

As many as 73 people have received the benefits of health camp and common diseases detected during free health check-up were – hypertension, skin disease, gastric and common cold. It has also been observed that the rate of home delivery is at extreme high as compared to institutional delivery. As of the village profile the institutional delivery status is only 22% and fully immunized children rate is 59%.