Babadam PHC is the first PHC in harnessing Solar Energy for Improved Health Service Delivery

(L to R) Mr. Thomas Pullenkav, Senior Advisor, SELCO, Fr. Sunny Mavelil, Director BAKDIL, Mr. Thomas Sangma, MLA, North Tura Constituency and advisor to Chief Minister Govt. of Meghalaya, Mrs. Ferlin A. Sangma, MLA Selsella Constituency and Dr. Sengse, SDMO, after unveiling the plaque.

BAKDIL Run Babadam PHC’s long standing problems caused by disruptive and erratic power supply has been solved once for all with installation of Solar powered energy solutions.  The  inauguration of installation of solar  power support was inaugurated by Mr. Thomas A. Sangma, Local MLA and the Advisor to the Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya on 29th January 2020 at a colour function held at Babadam PHC  in presence of Mrs. Ferlin A Sangma, MLA, Selsella constituency, Mr. Thomas Pullenkav, Senior advisor, SELCO Foundation Bangalore and Mr.Roshan, Operations Manager Selco, , Dr. Sengse R Sangma SDMO, Fr Sunny Mavelil, Director BAKDIL and large crowd of  people from that area.

Recently this PHC has received the Commendation Award as per the Kayakalp guidelines established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India for the year 2019-2020 in recognition of their efforts towards excellence in promoting Cleanliness, Hygiene & Infection Control Practices and this PHC has achieved this award consecutively for 4 times.

The Solar Power Solution for Babadam PHC is funded by Bangalore based organization called SELCO Foundation and is implemented by BAKDIL. This organization plays an important role in improving living standards of poor households in rural India through solar energy based interventions.

Chief Guest and local MLA Mr. Thomas Sangma unveiled the plague and inspected the installed solar power system while Mr Thomas Pullenkav Senior advisor, SELCO Foundation demonstrated and explained its functions and how it will become useful in daily usage.

Mr. Sangma himself recalled the condition of this PHC 10 years ago asserting that this PHC compound was used only to graze the cows and thanked BAKDIL and PHC staffs for their effort and hard work in transforming this PHC. He also thanked SELCO foundation for funding this solar power to this PHC and appeal to them to extend their wings in whole Meghalaya.

He also congratulated PHC staffs for achieving 100% immunization. “Despite of many power cuts this PHC could achieve 90% institutional deliveries now with uninterrupted power supply hopefully institutional deliveries will certainly go up from 90% to 100% in near future,” he stated.

He also informed that Meghalaya government is planning to install this kind of solar power in every government offices and institutions.

SELCO Senior Adviser, Mr. Pullenkav said that his organization believe that energy is a game changer. It can bring a lot of development as a catalyst. He also said that SELCO will continue to work in Garo Hills and try to bring anenergy so that health, education, livelihoods and basic living conditions of the people can be improved. “This is the first solar inauguration but hopefully in the next two years we will inaugurate many such wonderful projects,” he asserted. He also said that this solar energy can be added to make plates from areca nut leaves and people can process areca nut themselves which can be sold for better value than just selling it to the dealers.

This solar power has been installed as a demo to spread the message to the people and the government of Meghalaya of the works being done by SELCO and support them to implement many other projects in future. The organization has already set up this solar power in Ribhoi district and in some parts of Khasi Hills; however in Garo Hills this is the first project they have done with a plan to replicate the same in other parts of Garo Hills soon. The organization jointly with BAKDIL also handed over a proposal letter to the government of Meghalaya proposing to install this solar power in rest of the PHC’s being run by BAKDIL however, DC WGH Mr. Ram Singh has requested to extend it to every health centres saying uninterrupted power supply in required in every health centres.

DC WGH, Mr. Ram Singh who joined the occasion intermediate after attending another function in nearby area congratulated the PHC staffs for achieving Kayakalp Award consecutively for 4 times. He also thanked Fr. Sunny, Director BAKDIL for doing great job in handling these PHC’s and he also shared his wishes to hand over more PHC’s to BAKDIL under public private partnership. 

Because of so many power cuts equipments which are being used in health centres were never lasted long but now with uninterrupted power supply this PHC can perform better and give better service to the people.

Babadam PHC will now be operated by solar power energy through which they can provide interminable help and service to the people of the area. Institutional deliveries and blood sample tests will now be able to perform ceaselessly despite so many power cuts in the state. For daily usage solar Xerox machine is also installed which will help the local people from that area to get their needs at low costs.

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