Local Organic Products And Handmade Products by SHG Women of Garo Hills Available in Tura

Natural Turmeric Powder and Chilli Powder , Hot & Spicy Chicken Pickle, Beef Pickle, Pork Pickle ,Dried Black Pepper and Black Pepper Powder, Fresh Kaju, Jaha Rice,Washing Powder, Turmeric Soap, Phenyle, Harpic,Lizol ,Handwash, Vim Liquid, Vim Powder,Vinegar, Woolen Wash, Umbrella, disposable Areca Plates and Bowls, Office Files prepared by Bakdil Krimkro Producer Organisation, Bakdil Chijanggi Producer Organisation, Bakdil Mikasal Producer Organisation and All Garo Hills SHG Women  are now available at  Bakdil’s Farmer Producer Organization’s shop at Araimile junction, Tura , Meghalaya                                             

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