Member of Governing Board of Bakdil in 2017
Sl.No Name Designation Nature of Membership Date of Birth Present Residiential Address Pan No
1 Andrew  Marak President Ex-Officio 02-02-1953 Bishop’s House,   Tura -794001, Post Box Office No-10, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya BLUPM3413M
2 Levio T Sangma V-President Ex- Officio 05-08-1958 St’Peter’s Minor Seminary, Tura-794002, West  Garo,         Meghalaya FGFPS2797C
3 Sunny Joseph Mavelil Secretary Ex- Officio 10-02-1964 BAKDIL,                          LowerChandmari,                Tura-794002,Meghalaya ARYPM3679E
4 Biju Paul Treasurer Elected  Catholic Church, Mendipathar- 794112, North Garo Hills. BAUPP4092C
5 Bridget Sangma Member Elected 08-01-1942 Ringrey Gittim,               Tura 794002,West Garo Hills, Meghalaya EDAPS6168G
6 Arthur Marak Member Elected 09-11-1954 Catholic Church, Dumnikura-794112,

South Garo Hills.

7 Thomas John Member Elected 10-08-1960 St’Mary’s School,Araimile, New Tura 794101, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya AODPJ0188D
8 Dr.Ivonne Sangma Member Elected 21-11-1973 St’Mary’s School Road, Araimile, Tura-794101, Meghalaya CKXPS0690F
9 Gloria Marak Member Elected 15-07-1968 Gambanga, Dalu-794103, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya DHTPM9172E

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