Mass tree plantation; the launch of ITDP IV

On the occasion of World Environment Day, around 1 million fruit trees have been planted across the Garo Hills region by WSHG members and various BAKDIL project-related staff.

‘Plant tapioca, it will give you one-time yield in 6 months, plant a banana, it will give you fruit in one year but if you plant a jackfruit tree it will last for hundred years’, says a placard proudly put up by a WSHG member.

Apart from mass tree plantation, the newly started project ITDP-iv has been officially launched at Babadam village under Rongram Block.

Chief Guest, Mrs. Agatha K Sangma quoted the old Chinese proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ likewise BAKDIL is facilitating lifetime income-generating activities to the people,” she said.

She also said that the ongoing COVID-19 situation has taught us to be self-reliant in every possible way. “this project will teach our farmers to be self-dependent and empower them financially” she added.

She also thanked NABARD for funding the project under Tribal Development Fund.

This project will be implemented by BAKDIL and facilitate the farmers for a time span of 6 years during which the plantations will start bearing fruits.

A total of 200 families from 14 villages having 1.5 acres of empty land will be trained and cash supported for plantation of fruit-bearing trees under this project.

 Mr. Thomas Sangma, Advisor to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya and Local MLA North Tura constituency, Mrs. Shelly Momin BDO Rongram Block, Auxiliary Bishop of Tura, Fr. C J Jose and Mr. Madras Dkhar, DDM NABARD are also present in the occasion.

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