Training for ASHAs on Malaria and other Vector-Borne Disease held in Siju PHC

Reviewing the high spike Malaria positive cases in the Siju area in the previous month, the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), Baghmara organized the training for the ASHAs on Malaria and other Vector-Borne diseases at Siju PHC on 20th August 2020.

The training was conducted by Dr. Bonny D Shira, District Malaria Officer, South Garo Hills in presence of Sr. Jennifer, Manager Siju PHC, other Malaria staffs from BAKDIL implemented IMEP project. The NVBDCP targets to eradicate MALARIA from the country by 2030.

While interacting with the ASHAs the DMO cited that, out of 200 malaria positive cases in July, 52 are from Siju only- which is 1/4th of the total positive cases are from Siju. He also informed that malaria cases could be more if more tests are being conducted.

Siju is a mountainous area and people are adapting in their areca or cashew garden far from the common hamlet and since the rainwater can remain stagnant in areca leaves it increases the mosquito breeding and increases the chances of getting the parasite.

The DMO also explained the causes and symptoms of malaria and prevention. He urged the ASHAs to mobilize the village people to clear all the stagnant water and to cover the water tanks and septic tanks wherever the mosquito can lay eggs. He also said that other than malaria, rearing of hogs and cows close to the house increases the chance of getting Japanese Encephalitis.

Dr Bonny himself shows the demo on how to use RD Kit and made the AHAs do in as practical learning during the session. He also taught how to prescribe medicine for malaria positive patients according to the age groups. The medicine used to cure malaria is ACTAL, Chloroquine and primaquine.

The DMO ordered all the ASHAs to conduct more tests and said based on the tests conducted they will get their incentives which is Rs. 15 per test and the kits are being supplied from the district.

The Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) will also be distributed in coming weeks to the village people which will protect the people from a mosquito while sleeping.

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